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Re: So Long Fuji - a question

Hundminen wrote:

Rod McD wrote:


I'm into hiking, landscape and travel too and have been considering both the XT1 and the A7r. (I'd probably have bought an XT1 already if they were available in the shops in Australia yet). Just out of interest, and apart from the 36mpx FF sensor, what 'specialty features' on the A7r did you feel made the camera better suited to landscape use than the X series?

Thanks, Rod

The two that come to mind are increased AE bracketing, and ability to zoom much deeper in playback mode to check critical focus (in RAW only). I though that Fuji would have fixed these in firmware by now. I'm sure they will one day.

You also have the ability to adapt full frame lenses at their intended focal length which can be a huge plus for those that want to use some of the excellent UWA/WA full frame lenses.  I also much prefer Sony's implementation of the electronic level.   But, IMO, the 36mp sensor still has to be the overwhelming reason you would choose the A7r.   If they were both 16mp then you could find as many reasons to choose the X-T1 as you could the A7r.

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