Let's vote: do you think mFT needs a lens forum at DPR?

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Re: What Do You Mean "We"?

Joseph T Lewis III wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

JoostL wrote:

Brilliant! But now we're at it, why not at least THREE lens forums: Pana, Oly and Third Party??

I agree with that, but the voting would be confusing, better stick to what I see as most urgent. I'm interested mostly in lens discussions, bodies come and go very fast, lenses stay forever (or almost), the investment there requires a little more thought.

I am glad to see that people from other systems (especially individuals who have been around a long time and are fully participating DPR members) are interested in m4/3. However, it does come across as a bit odd, or maybe even a tad presumptuous, that someone who doesn't own any m4/3 gear and doesn't even have a single mk4/3 item in his wish list, is trying to drive a major revision to "our" forum in order to accommodate HIS preferences. As he says in the above quote, "what I see as most urgent".

It may be that I'm just an old geezer who is set in his ways and resistant to change, but IMHO the people who contribute to this forum day in and day out, month in and month out, would be the ones who are better qualified to push such initiatives. I know I wouldn't feel comfortable just popping in out of the blue, and telling the Canon folks they should change their forum to accommodate my needs. But, that's just me; others may see it differently.

Perhaps the OP should first try simply getting used to the forum by reading through it a couple times a day, and using bookmarks, the "subscribe to updates" feature, searches upon particular lens models etc. to follow threads of interest??

Exactly. "MFT Talk needs to be split by (insert criteria)" has come up before. It's not needed, and it wouldn't be helpful. Keeping discussions of the MFT system in one place works fine. If someone wants to drill down to specific information, the search tool is always available.

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