Let's vote: do you think mFT needs a lens forum at DPR?

Started Mar 3, 2014 | Polls thread
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Re: I Agree: ONE Forum

Joseph T Lewis III wrote:

jeffharris wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

I have been trying to follow this forum, but threads that do not get posts in 12 hours are gone from first page. This is the fastest moving forum at DPR, on average, since it serves two body brands with many models and myriads of lens brands. Certainly at least a lens form would be adequate, since there are many threads discussing lenses and how the fit the various bodies, etc.

Let's vote:

Let's not voteā€¦

Keep it in ONE place. The last thing I want to do is hunt through multiple forums. Besides, there are many postings with questions and observations about lens and camera combos. How would you handle those? Post in both? Yeah, right. Great solution.

I agree with Jeff. I have frequented this forum for years and find it very easy to use just the way it is.

A lot of the questions have to do with Olympus lenses on Panasonic bodies, and vice versa; e.g., does this lens produce more flare with an Oly body and less on a Panasonic? Is this lens one of those that is allegedly prone to shutter shock on the XYZ body, but less so on the ABC body? Which lens is best for the GM1? How does the Panasonic lens' OIS interact with the Olympus IBIS? etc. Having a separate lens forum would result in multiple posts, and/or force people to read through separate forums to see what was going on.

My vote is to keep things the way they currently are.

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The debates on which lenses on which bodies will remain, in both forums. The problem now is that if you stay away for one day you miss a lot of the less polemic threads. Those that stay longer in the first page are usually the least interesting from a practical POV for those really interested in being up-to-date re lenses and bodies. They are just the typical "what do you think the future of m43 will be", "is Panny or Oly going out of business", "the end of APS-C" or "of FF", and so on.

But, obviously, we will se what the majority think, and then, maybe, DPR would act.

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