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Re: Have fun with the A7R

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

Hundminen wrote:

After spending the past week testing and shooting the A7R, I have to say that while I love the extra detail in the images, in many regards I deeply miss the ease of use shooting with my Fuji X-E2 and the fabulous array of XF lenses (my favourite was the XF14mm). The Fuji X system is an innovative system that is finally maturing to the point where I believe it is now the best camera system choice for the majority of photographers, with the minor exception of those pushing the limits of specialty photography including sports, wildlife, landscape.

So long Fuji, it's been fun.

If you shoot landscape, the A7R is a great camera --- just got to make sure you use a good tripod and avoid the shutter slap (I do wonder if Sony can fix the problem with firmware?) Definitely a better fit than current Fuji-X if you are after the megapixels and got the right lens to mount on the A7R.

In a way, it is nice that Fuji-X is doing well. It makes it easier to sell your Fuji gear.

The resale value of Fuji gear has been abysmal.

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