Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

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Re: Sony A77 vs A99 for Concert Photography

You need to take into account the  subject and the atmosphere.    If you  have a perfect photo, showing no grain and no subject movement  it is going to look like a  static studio shot, technically good but not very  relevant.       Try  making a  collection of photographs  that you like by other  photographers.     It is easy to do now  on a computer but fifty years ago I had the walls of my bedroom covered in  photographs  cut out of magazines.

The difference between full frame  and   smaller formats when using full frame lenses is like cropping a photograph and that will always lose quality.   For the same reason I wouldn't like fixed focal  length lenses.  If you can frame the scene  exactly  you  don't have to crop and  that is worth losing a stop or two in aperture.     The  EVF cameras  will brighten the scene  so there isn't  much benefit in viewing with large aperture lenses.    If you have a well exposed large image you don't need to worry much about noise but it helps to frame the picture  to avoid large blank areas.      You need to get as close to the subject and use as wide angle lenses as much as possible.

I need to gather up and sell  the lenses I don't use, mainly  fixed focal length, and buy an A99.

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