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X sensor seems to me moire-free

deednets wrote:

Keit ll wrote:

Fuji could attract more customers if they fitted a higher resolution sensor with standard Bayer layout. They should try this , they could still offer the X-tans sensor to give buyers a choice. Their stubbornness in not doing this is costing them customers.

... and getting others, like me! The second reason why I looked into the system was the "interesting" no-AA sensor.

The first one was the classic layout, if you must know. When the X-Pro1 came out I thought that this was a system I would give up Nikon for! Googled RAW support at the time and gave it a miss.

That was then. Now I use an X-E2 (just like the form factor very much!) with a 14/2.8 23/1.4 35/1.4 and 60/2.4. Use a Pentax Takumar 50/1.4 full metal jacket.

Now there's a fun system for you and it started (well, second reason for looking at the system, right?) with the sensor that caught my attention. Let's just say I am the only one who got sucked in by the more daring sensor layout.

Mainstream Bayer for you?


DPR resolution shots are striking in comparison with standard bayers.  Moire is either totally gone or very much minimized.  Yes details are replaced by "false detail" but to me that's much more pleasing than moire.

So count me as the second person who got sucked in by the sensor performance.

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