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Re: Gone the Other Way...

Peter Sills wrote:

Interesting post, especially as I've gone the other way.

I have a GREAT relationship with Sony. In fact I had the NEX-7 prior to release and took it on an assignment to Cuba. Sony wrote an article about it using my photos. No doubt Sony makes good cameras.

Why switch to Fuji?

Sony doesn't understand photography, and I can tell you they probably never will. Their saving grace is video and the focus in development is heavily in that direction. Look at their camera designs. Their color balance is favored towards video and their control scheme's are designed by the same people who design their camcorders. While their lens selection and quality is poor, I don't ever expect it to reach Fuji levels. Sony rely upon third-parties to fulfill ths for them. Also, due to their camera design, while the camera may be smaller than a standard DSLR, their lenses will be quite similar in size, ergo very little benefit to the system overall.

In the end, for me, it comes down to image quality, and Sony just doesn't have it. Look, if you want detail, buy a used Pentax 645D. The prices are about to plummet as the new one comes out. However, I lost faith in Sony's ability to compete in the future and to produce a quality product aimed at serious photographers.

I wish you well. However, remember it is not the equipment that makes the photograph, it is the photographer!

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Peter Sills
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I gave you your first thumbs up for your post. I find Sony's offerings interesting from a technical point of view, but uninspiring from a photography point of view. Looked at the A7r, an interesting piece of technology and the first thing I noticed was the typical mode dial and no aperture ring.

2 options here: maybe Fuji got it right regarding the classic layout or I am a Dinosaur (maybe both, but works for me...). The Sony's have a higher resolution, sure, but when I dabbled with 2 possibilities now more than a year ago and had the D800 and the then new X-E1 and looked at the files on my 27" screen I realisied that the 16Mpx of the Fuji is not just "good enough" but a rather fabulous product!

I am goind to Canyonland/Antelope/Zion/Bryce in May this year to take some landscape photos. I will take the X-E2 plus the 14, 23, 35 and maybe get the 56 at a Las Vegas shop if I can find one that sell the lens at a reasonably mainstream price (here in NZ they are prohibitively expensive...). A fantastic combo, me thinks, for landscape photography.



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