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Forgive me as I know it's "bad form" to resurrect older threads but this one really turned my head around.  If I admitted how long it takes me to do a wedding gig, in total, well, I'd feel like a fool so I won't.

I clicked on Teila Day's website and really expected to see horrible quality images for a 24 hour (I believe she amended that to a whopping 72 hour) turn around time.  I was pretty shocked in that, while I feel they are edgy (my cuppa tea, by the way) and maybe not suited for everyone, they are also really very nice.  Certainly not what I assumed would be the inferior quality of a "turn and burn" wedding photog.

I had a realization.  The name of the game is super quick.  You come up with a standard list of quick tweaks and maybe do a beauty retouch here and there.......minor, not a painstaking art piece number and that's it.   I've come to the conclusion that it is true, the average customer will never see and especially appreciate working that much longer to do any post production.  The longer one takes to give them any product even if it's just a nice collection to whip up onto Facebook, the more the word of mouth will include the words "but was kinda slow, you know??"

The thought that there are really all that many high end customers who will see the merit of your "genius" and pay big money and refer all their friends to you and...........those friends will actually book you solid into the next

This thread just turned my head around to what I think is the reality.   Either get on board with how things ARE right NOW or stress out and lose work.

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