Let's poll it: Do you use CNX2?

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Re: FWIW, CNX2 runs better than ever in Win 8.1, but there is a catch...

mtlr wrote:

But there is a catch, related to CNX2 demise: After reading Thom's article here http://www.dslrbodies.com/accessories/software-for-nikon-dslrs/software-news/the-embedded-adjustments.HTML , I may opt for his suggestion #2, the dedicated and isolated CNX2 PC, as it may be the only way to have ongoing access to thousands and thousands of NEFs with CNX2 edits that I have accumulated through the years. As Thom says, that sucks, but Nikon is not leaving any better options for us CNX2 users, as switching to any other PP software (i.e. LR5) from now on WILL NOT solve this huge issue.

I think that would do for many of us, but what  horrible solution to a problem that should not be there. I may keep my current iMac and present OS for as long as they work to be able to run CNX2 as you say, but, thinking about how many home computers I have had in the last 15 years, they are many more than cameras, and usually the issue is re other aspects, like other applications, OS maintenance, etc. I have to save space for it in my home office ...

This is really, really awful, Nikon. Something is simply very wrong here, how come a famously backward compatibility commited company couldn't work out a better transition path for CNX2 users, specially while owning 40% of NIK? Never though I would say something this harsh about Nikon but, sadly, I feel this time it's deserved: Totally unaceptable.

It is very troubling, and to me it indicates Nikon is having a lot of trouble financially, otherwise they could have spent a little money to keep it going, if not full updates, at least for the newer cameras and minor tweaks. As you say, CNX2 is very stable and mature now as a product, more than most need for their conversion/PPing, except for real pixel editing (like cloning, etc), but that was never the thing with CNX2, just full control of local luminosity, saturation, contrast, exactly like one did under a very good darkroom routine.

Oh dear, time to think about the future in terms of saving files, etc. I already have everything on an outside hard disk to prevent losses, now have to think how to organize the few K saved edited NEFs.

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