From an X-E2 to an X Pro 1?

Started Mar 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
bavarius6 Contributing Member • Posts: 578
Re: From an X-E2 to an X Pro 1?

Well you've pretty much found out what you'll be losing but just to be devils advocate you'll be gaining a more solidly built and substantial body which may or may not suit you (Heavier but possibly more comfortable to hold).
The XP1 also has a superior LCD screen on the rear to the XE2 (1.23m dots vs 961,000).  I also believe that the EVF actually refreshes faster than the XE1's although it is very probably still slower than the XE2.

The main loss is the focus speed which after FW updates isn't as massive as some would have you believe, the operating speed difference (write to card times) though is quite large. It really depends on your style of photography.

To add to the losses though you'll also lose a built in flash.

I personally wouldn't hold your breath for the XP2, Fuji have already made clear that they're waiting for a substantial technological advance to be made before they replace the XP1.


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