DP1 / DP1s auction site mix-up

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Re: DP1 / DP1s auction site mix-up - and NOT your fault!

atom14 wrote:

Gosh it's bad, though! The ad calls it a:

"Sigma DP1s 14.0 MP Digital SLR Camera"

You cannot have DP1S and SLR in the same item description. Did you not notice at the time?

I still think some recourse to Ebay should be made though.

OK, if you get all that in the kit I suppose you could justify the price... at a stretch.

I'm not saying you got a lemon, as the DP1 - I have one - has great image quality. It's just the sloppy ad that I find irksome.


I just checked ebay US and see that DP1s listings are also called "Digital SLR" in the subject line! So that could indeed be some kind of automatic text from ebay!

To the original poster, I agree with all that you have grounds for return if you don't want the DP1. Price isn't too bad though, depending upon how much usage it has had. The DP1s indeed is slightly different from the original DP1, and it's a somewhat more recent model. First came DP1 around 2008 as I recall, then later the DP1s. Differences: As others have said, battery, plus less occasional 'grid' showing up. The 'grid' BTW I've seen in one or two shots out of thousands, but I don't shoot many beach or sunset-with-sun scenes. I have many DP1 shots here if you're interested:


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