From an X-E2 to an X Pro 1?

Started Mar 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
malcolml1 Regular Member • Posts: 240
Re: From an X-E2 to an X Pro 1?

I have both (plus the X-T1 and X-100s).  For me there are a couple of differences worth pointing out:

1. Better EVF in the X-E2 - but you said that your problem is with viewing the EVF in bright sunlight, so this difference may wall be moot

2. Having +- 3 EV exposure compensation on the X-E2 is actually quite important (to me)

3. Don't set high expectations on the X-Pro1 frame guidelines in the OVF.  They are better now with recent firmware upgrades, but still error-prone.  I guess you get experienced enough to know how to compensate, but I never did.

4. I find that coupled with 3 above it is hard to be exactly sure what is the focal point with the OVF.

Apart from that, the AF on the X-Pro1 is not bad now, and I don't notice too much difference compared to the X-E2.



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