Is the Merrill noisy?

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Re: Don't use my images as examples of noise handling :)

JamieTux wrote:

First thanks for the compliment Lord Metroid -

BUT I do all kind of things to bring out luminance noise at times!

That particular one has had the highlights lowered, the shadows (slightly) raised - overall exposure boosted, contrast whacked up and clarity boosted then it's been sharpened too!

As I posted in that thread it was the colours and texture that I liked - I am sure that if you look through my photos you'll see that a lot have much more luminance noise than other people would like. Maybe it's a reaction to the ultra clean stuff I have to produce in studios for work
Personally I think that if you want those silky smooth noiseless files you need to go back to CCD, every CMOS based camera I've used tends to be noisy, especially in skies. In my experience so far at low ISO the merrill is not significantly different to anything else.

I like to punch up my images also, and that for sure brings out noise and banding.  When I had my SD1 I found shooting at ISO 100 to be best even though people say base ISO is ISO 200.  I think this will also hold true with my DP3M but I haven't tested that.

And as others have said, even with the noise and banding the hardcopy prints look great.

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