Apeture and Shutter Speed

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Re: Apeture and Shutter Speed

You apparently took a bad class.    Was it recommended to you, did you read any reviews before signing up?

Really, there is so much good material available online and in form of books, that I find taking classes where you are exposed to a single person's dogmas, is impractical.

Far as low light goes, a number of methods exist, most of them rather expensive.   Full frame camera bodies (and lenses for them), faster lenses, tripods, additional light: contiguous or strobes.

I would say of all the methods, a powerful flash with tilt/swivel head - preferably one that can be taken off camera and operated wireless - is probably the most convenient and cost-effective.

I think there is nothing wrong with Manual mode.   In fact, with a flash, manual usually makes the most sense.   All that is needed is understanding of how these modes work on your camera, and what effect each parameter has.  Takes about 20 minutes to learn.

I also think RAW makes a beginner's life easier.    At least today, with computers and software available.   RAW means there is a whole bunch of camera settings one need not worry during shooting, as a whole bunch of problems can be fixed afterwards in a more relaxed setting, with all the necessary aids (a book, a video tutorial) at your fingertips.

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