So Long Fuji

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Re: So Long Fuji

I do wish all the best to the OP, and fully understand how landscape photography benefits from ultimate resolution.

I'm not a landscape photographer at all. But interestingly, buying into fuji X system has gotten me more into landscapes. That's because the lightweight of the camera allows me to take it on walks with family or friends, and take the occasional shot when I run into nice scenery with the right lighting.

Now this type of casual approach will not take me to the level of those seriously practicing landscape photography, planning their trips, selecting the right time and right hardware. Nor would it cut it if I were doing it for a living. But I do thoroughly enjoy practicing and improving my skills in this, for me, unusual field of photography.

So, paradoxically, I'm doing landscape with a camera that has less resolution than my FF dslr. But in the end, I like the results which match my, I admit, modest needs.

This was taken with the X pro 1 and 18mm.

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