Just a few with a new toy!!

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Just a few with a new toy!!

I decided to add a back up to my XE2 and went for a Xpro1. Sorry if you were expecting another Xt1 post but my investment in fuji leans towards the "rangefinder" style and here I ONLY use manual lenses. (my Pentax investment up takes care of the "rugged outdoors" side of my photos).

The Xpro1 is if not a true rangefinder can be in my opinion a first class photographic tool for this type of photography. Its feel, design and ease of use complements the lenses associated with say Leica. I use leica 35mm f2 summircron, 55 f1.4 summilux, 75 f1.4 Voigtlander Helier classic and finally an old 25 f4 Snapshot Skopar.

Putting Rangefinder lenses on an XT1 does not seem just right to me, discuss ?

All lenses perform exceptionally on the Xpro1 as they do on my XE2 and switching between the two gave me no real problems . The heft of the Xpro sits comfortable in my hand especially as I added the Grip, a thumbs up and soft release button.

My Skopar 25 f4 has taken up semi permanent residence on the XE2 and I have to say this is one of the reasons I need another body. This "combo" is such a joy to use outdoors, its depth of field being f4 renders so much in focus that the fujis good high iso compensates for any loss of speed in the lens. The glass is as good as Leicas and the design with "notched"focusing is a pleasure. The EVF is a joy to use, (yes the XT1 is better - have looked through one) the focus peaking works and for detail the "split" is useful or but of little use for general landscape work.

The Xpro1 having only focus peaking is extremely good for ME as I decided to ditch the leica M9 as I found it harder to focus and getting eye strain due to using my vary-focals through the rangefinder window. The full frame is not missed at all only the DNG and CCD colour, but fuji colour and my use of DxO film pack 4 makes up for that .

Usually I just set the speed dial (125th) with set iso usually 200 or auto iso if low light or change in subject is likely and adjust aperture on lens accordingly for depth of field and exposure, using comp dial for extremes. I am a believer in KISS!

So if anyone ever asks whats the Xpro1 or for that matter XE2 like for using manual lenses on just say,


Here are a few examples the first out of the Xpro1 can and a couple of XE2 Skopar ones. se data.

(reduced for posting)

Thanks for your patience hope this has been a help to some.


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