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Steve Bingham wrote:

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

Really? Take a raw file from a D610 - convert it to 16 bit tiff. Using ACR that takes me 1 second (3 year old PC). CNX2 takes many times longer! I guess fast is a relative term. Having run many speed tests I tend to disagree with your statement. I respect your opinion, I just don't agree with it.


My PC and NX2 can convert a RAW 24MB file into 16-bit TIFF in less than a second. ACR is the same, so I cannot explain why you have such a lag with the software.

Here is a Photoshop speedtest posted over at PC-Talk that may help compare everyone's processing time:

Hightail Speedtest

It is very RAM-intensive so max out available RAM in your PS preferences. PS 64-bit usually will run faster. FWIW, my time was 39 seconds.


Yes, I have a time posted here - somewhere - but it was slower than 39 seconds - maybe 59 or something. I mean your time is quick! My computer is 3 years old but I run at 3.2 with i7 with 16 gb of ram. Tried overclocking to 3.8 but lost the stability.Perhaps newer versions of CNX2 does a faster job. I haven't tested it in two years so perhaps I am mistaken . . . I was getting 5-6 seconds. I pretty much use ACR and PS CS6 99.9% of the time. I do notice that the Nic plug-ins are a little slow loading. (I have the full package which might explain it).

Your claims of CNX2 lack of speed seem quite exagerrated in my experience.

I am still running it on a 5 year old (or so) Win XP machine (albeit with a quad core AMD Phenom processor) running just the 32bit version of Windows XP with a modest 4Gb RAM.  In general it's not a particularly fast machine by today's standards and in fact it now probably needs a rebuild.  I am currently running the latest release (2.4.6) of CNX2.  Even on this old machine CNX2 loads and fully renders a typical full size, previously unmodified, 36 Mb D800 NEF file in typically around 2.5 seconds.  That's quite acceptable performance although faster would be nice but it's far from terrible!  I would expect much better performance with a new machine with an i7 processor running a 64bit OS with 16Gb RAM (which I intend to install CNX2 to fairly soon).

Of course as with any PC many other things going on such as performance (or otherwise) of other background apps, Antivirus system(s), possible malware infections.  Optimisation of use of disk space will always make a difference with CNX2 (use of separate physical drives for NX2 cache and temp drives for example) ...


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