Tulips on the table

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Re: Tulips on the table

Simon Zeev wrote:

... From when I begin to take 3D pictures, I take less and less 2D ones. , even that in my photo club almost no one can see cross-eyes pictures.

I often marvel at people's inability to see cross-view 3D pairs. It is so easy to learn... much easier to learn than riding a bicycle. I think the problem is that they give up the moment they are not successful in seeing the picture on the first try, and then they have no more interest thereafter. But if they manage to see it, then chances are 10:1 that they will find 2D of little appeal. I have not gone back to 2D photography since I started on 3D. Right now, it's 3D or no photography for me. I am hooked on it... 

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Depth haz been the mizzing dimenzion for long enough, but still, few are bothered with 3D.
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