How I got UHD (~4k) working on a MAC Mini

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Re: How I got UHD (~4k) working on a MAC Mini

bronxbombers4 wrote:

lumigraphics wrote:

So you are complaining that it is difficult to hack the OS to do something that Apple specifically says is not supported. Well, yeah, and? If you fry your logic board, are you going to expect a warranty repair?

Mostly I was just trying to be helpful and tell people how to do it and save them time trying to track it all down themselves! It works. UHD displays are amazing. Once you get the retina mode working the MAC drives it very well.

It's NOT going to fry the logic board. Even if it did, and it won't, well I'd need to get a new MAC to display UHD anyway if it didn't work on this one.

You very well could fry the logic board, running components above rated design. This is kind of reckless advice and I would recommend that mini owners NOT try this. Just a note from a long time Mac tech and former Apple employee.

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