This shot is what convinced me to shoot in RAW (RX10)

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Re: This shot is what convinced me to shoot in RAW (RX10)

Mazymus wrote:

Well, I'm now shooting with JPG and RAW. SD memory is no issue for me form the few pics I take when out with the family, and CPU power / HDD space is much cheaper than it used to be, so also not a big deal.

I didn't mean to open a can of worm with my post Just impressed with RAW capability as someone new to all this and appreciate what it can offer. Even though I'm shooting RAW also, I'm prob keeping all the JPGS and then (maybe )getting rid of the RAW images after OK'ing the pics after. If there's any of them I don't like, then I play with JPG or RAW, etc.

I'm deleting a lot of pics anyways regardless of RAW/JPG, as I'm sure most people do. I like back-ups, and RAW gives me just that. Agree'd the provided pic was pretty horrible, but I've taken other pics that were the best I could manage at the time of the pic, and loved the fact that RAW was easier (for me) to manipulate and get good results.

Maybe when I get much better at photography, then maybe I can soley rely on JPGS...

I think the reason you opened the can of worms, is that having had the camera for just one day, you came to a very hasty conclusion about raw v jpg and you posted a pair of images which you hoped would justify your conclusion. Unfortunately the raw image you posted was dreadful in a number of respects, particularly in its colour balance, and there was a lot that could have been done to improve the jpg image, that you didn't do. You should realise that there are a lot of nasty people on almost all forums who will jump at any chance to call you all kinds of an idiot. But there are also a lot of very knowledgeable people who will go out of their way to help you. My advice would be to follow the forums and learn to use your new camera, learn to use Photoshop in both raw and jpg mode, and to think twice before you expose your limited experience in front of a mixed panel of both experts and fools.

Ken from the UK now in France

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