micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: That is typical of him.

crashpc wrote:

Jack never fails to impress...

I won´t buy m43 anyway, so how come it´s better...

Some people have an emotional connection to their brand and will never leave. Some people have too much invested in lenses and don't want to buy them all over again in another system. Some people insist on having the largest sensor available, and either apsc or FF is within their budget.

Ive always been an apsc guy, FF was a bit more than i wanted to spend on a hobby. But, the lenses were always an issue too. What good is a stop better ISO if you end up using 2 stops slower on lenses to get those sharp shots with low CA? When i realized this, i started looking at the entire system and not just sensor size. MFT has a lens in every available common FL that is extremely sharp wide open, not just "usable".

Sure there are apsc and FF lenses that are decent wide open but the majority of the high end glass is far more than i want to spend. L series or G glass is nice, but i can get lenses that deliver the same quality for a fraction in MFT, and much smaller and lighter. There is always something better if price is not a factor. For what i am willing to spend, MFT offered by far the best overall IQ and performance. They also have a huge selection when it comes to ergonomics, from the retro EM series to super small GM1, to full size gripped GH4.

Why won't you buy MFT?

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