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Re: 1DX for amateur

Reservoir_Dog wrote:

I want that DSLR soo much, but isnt it totally overkill for an amateur? Im not a beginner but an amateur.... Also, and i admit, a little bit gear freak

Let the comments come, and subscribe down there! (oops this isnt youtube)

Ow yes, its 2 years old, and now with the D4S, is canon going to release a newer 1D camera soon?

Look at it this way.  I see people who pay a lot more money to buy a low end Mercedes or Lexus instead of a decent Toyota.  The difference in price is well over $10,000.  I am sure they can afford it, and that makes them happy.

If you can afford the 1DX, and that makes you happy, then why not?  Life is short.  Just remember one thing.  If you do buy the 1DX, then use it, and use it often.  Don't complain about its weight.  And don't let it sit somewhere to collect dust.  Use it and enjoy it.  Shoot low light, shoot sports, action, wildlife, etc.  And be happy.  If I could afford the 200-400mm F4L or the 600mm F4L, I would have bought them.  But oh well.  It is okay to dream.

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