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Re: Bonne chance! Keep on switching!

John Carson wrote:

If you switch systems every time one of them gets a couple of edges on the others, you'll spend all your money on switching losses, instead of building a deep lens line and staying on the state of the art bodies. I've been shooting Nikon since the D1, and every year or two Canon gets something really right and people post a gazillion "goodbye nikon" posts, and a year later Nikon passes, and the Canon forums are full of "goodbye canon" posts.

Learning how to make great images with whatever system you have would be a much better investment of time and money. I financed a reasonably active auto racing hobby for 15 years by selling my (winning) cars to people who thought that owning the right hardware was the secret to winning. The buyers were always baffled as to why they still couldn't catch me even though they had my multiple race winning car.

I've swept professional photographer juried competitions with images from micro 4/3 and compact cameras, against people shooting with Phase One and Hasselblad backs. Just like with race cars, investing in increasing the skills of the control system (driver or photographer) beats investing in hardware any day.

Hope Sony gets around to building out a proper lens line for you. They seem very hypnotized by f2.8. Not so good.

No doubt your skills are awesome, but
1. No amount of skill will give any X series camera the resolution of the A7R. You may not think resolution is a big deal, but others value it regardless of whether or not it helps in the winning of competitions.
2. Investing in skill requires time. Investing in gear requires money. Some people have lots of time to devote to photography but little money. Others are in the opposite position. That is a second reason why the best investment for one person may not be the best investment for someone else.

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john carson

I'd argue though that a lot of the time "time = money" especially when its time spent shooting in a landscape location.

As Ednaz says I think the idea that better equipment can take the place of time invested in skill is almost always a poor one that limits peoples devolpment.

I can understand people gradually upgrading in quality but these forums(not the Fuji ones especially, the whole site) are full of self justifying gearheads who's be far better off spending more time with a simple compact and looking at more quality photography. The process of buying should always be looking for a ways your current gear is limiting you not desiring new year and then trying to imagine ways it might help you.

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