HDR with my 7D ?

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Fish Chris
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HDR with my 7D ?

Although I did not buy my 7D for HDR stuff (I still shoot mostly wildlife).... I know their are lots of better choices, probably most FF's ?

Anyway, I started thinking about shooting nearly ALL of the stuff I might shoot from a tripod, with at least, 3 separate exposures. I mean, why not ?

From what I've seen, even moderate HDR effect is just great for most landscapes, or man made structures, etc.

So I was surfing around, and I found this article. Only about 87 typos, but sounds like the guy has tried this, and made it work.....


The thing that throws me though, is that he was acting like the 3 separate exposures our 7D's will take, are not even close to what you need ??? Really ? I mean, sure, I can see if I were trying for some really strong HDR effect, for some totally surreal looking shots {which does sound cool also}

But wouldn't just 3 shots, at the maximum span, help a whole bunch, with blowouts, and noise / lack of detail, in dark corners ?

Who here has done HDR with their 7D ? Your experiences / advice, please.

Much thanks,


PS, If this guys system works, why wouldn't it also work to simply get your tripod set up solid, totally locked down, then take 1 shot at 100iso, in full M, then bump it up, take another shot, then again, and again..... I mean, if he is going to be reaching up and switching between preset modes, and such, anyway. Besides, I wouldn't want to tie up all 3 of my preset modes, just for HDR. I'll be shooting a lot of other stuff too....

Heck, 3 shots is not enough ? How about 1 at each of 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, 640, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600 ?

And ya' know, I have no idea why this might be, but I read in another article about layering shots for HDR, and it said about the number of shots > "The more, the merrier" ?


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