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Re: D700 - David I have exactly the same problem

Dave --

I assume that the revenue application here is weddings; nobody makes money in the other fields you cite (but you might, so discount my comments thusly).  It has been a long time since i shot for cash -- heck, almost certainly more years than thou have age -- but the ergonomics are critical it seems to me for a professional tool. And there are several critical design issues, ergos aside, to consider:

  • you need spot on focusing, but "bif" dynamics aren't required: good news; all current Nikon FX bodies are great (even for the motorsport application with the d6x0);
  • DR probably trumps megapixels for your wedding application . . . let me say that it certainly does. When you shoot landscape you can stitch for higher res.  Back in the day, we would pick wedding films with long tonal scales specifically to get the DR for subtle gradations in luminance; these would not be high res films (which tended to have higher contrast); same today, actually.
  • Buffer depth and fps matter a little . . . but they do matter. Gawd, what i would have given for current camera's abilities to capture the Daddy-Daughter dance moment . . .

And cost matters (well, as an economist i would say it always does . . .). Given the above, the D4 looks to me to be your best choice. But it is pricey. It has the DR edge, focussing and speed, with a step up in megapixels from the d700. The d800 is really restricted on speed, actually. Sorry; it just is. i think of it as a medium format replacement. The Df is a Gawd-awful ergonomic kluge, but it is the cheapest way to get the D4 sensor; can you live with it? No video either . . .

And you can't live with the d6x0 ergos. I understand that -- i have one, but my background is different -- but i would point out that the most cost-effective answer is a refurb d600.  it more-or-less ticks all yer boxes and you get a new shutter!

Dave, there is no perfect answer for you. If it were me, i'd get a d6x0 and upgrade my lighting. Check that: i hated weddings. I would never do another one. And i haven't since 1974.

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