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Re: How methodical was the decision

ryan2007 wrote:

Here are the Cons on the Sony via DPREVIEW

  • Autofocus can be slow in low light
  • Auto ISO tends to keep shutter speed at 1/FL sec, often resulting in soft images
  • High-res sensor requires dedicated approach to shooting
  • JPEG quality not as good as we'd like to see (less relevant for this camera's market though)
  • Limited selection of FE lenses
  • Tools for shooting with third party lenses need improvement
  • Long viewfinder blackout time
  • Longer-than-average startup times
  • Camera 'locks up' while buffer is clearing after continuous shooting
  • Overly sensitive eye sensor (also stays active when screen is tilted)
  • Lacks a built-in flash
  • Short battery life
  • Exposure compensation and rear scroll wheel too easy to bump accidentally
  • Menu arrangement poor and navigation a bit clunky (requires a lot of button-pressing)
  • No in-camera Raw conversion
  • No external charger included for rapid charging or keeping a spare battery topped-up
  • Included remote capture software lacks live preview

One issue is JPEG performance looks to be not as good as Fuji. Battery life sucks. Poor menu navigation,camera locks up (thats really bad), and so forth.

I don't understand why anyone who owns an A7(r) would shoot jpg (except for a very few special circumstances like guys who are shooting 1K+ images a day and need to ship them to clients). If you're going for that camera, presumably you want the best IQ you can get and the most control over the files.

As for the other negatives, some are issues that are shared by many other cameras including Fuji. No perfect camera - rather whichever system has compromises that you can live with. A few months ago the A7(r) was the darling of the bloggers. Now people are seeing some warts. Right now the XT1 is the new hype king. In a few months you'll see the warts getting reported (already is starting). The real problem is the amount of hype that gets heaped on these technological marvels, and the resulting failing of expectation management by the buyers.

You can try to make an informed decision, but in the end until you shoot with it, you don't know if it will work for you. Sometimes tools surprise you and you're willing to adapt. Other times right out of the gate it just doesn't work for you. And some are just interested in messing with gear - which is OK too. No single right reason to buy a piece of gear. Sometimes logic doesn't rule the day though. Something quirky can catch your imagination, and either it just works, or you will make it work. That certainly seems to be the case with Fuji, and it happens with other brands as well.

Life is too short to be dogmatic about these things. You only go around once and you're dead a long time. If you want to try something new, go for it. Just don't expect it to necessarily save the day.

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