D700 - Where to go next?

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Re: D700 - Where to go next?

AustinTed wrote:

I'll just take at face value that the D700 isn't good enough and you need better DR and better low light capability.

I don't think the D800 is a bad option. It will give you the focus system and handling you're used to while improving on both DR and low light. The downside is the slower fps which might be a problem for your motorsports work. The other issue is the large file sizes that might slow you down a bit if processing large numbers of images from a wedding. But faster computers and cheaper storage can help solve that.

I probably wouldn't even consider either the D600/D610 or the Df due to handling differences and the focus system. While you can probably get used to anything, the handling differences may be a frustration compared to what you're used to although having tried both the D600 and the Df it probably isn't as bad some people think. The focus system would make me a little nervous for both motorsports and low light wedding work. I'm not saying it's terrible and won't work, but it is not as good as the D700 and you should give it a test run before committing.

The D4 is probably the perfect choice for your needs. It can handle all of your uses while improving both DR and low light. The smaller file sizes will give you a smoother workflow. The D3S might not have the DR you want. The D800 carries a lot of pixels that aren't at their best in low light other than for down sampling.

Cheers, the D700 is fine, I just wish to add a second body and make sure that where the D700 is slightly lagging behind more modern designs I fill that void with the newer body.

I have this nagging feeling that the D4 is the answer here, but the cost is a big factor. Nikon have given us a real lovely spread of machines but crucially not something that a D700 user can instantly associate with. My thoughts are the D800 body with the 24mp sensor and more processing power might have given us a true D700 replacement, but I'm not going to criticise Nikon for their current line up which is superb in my opinion!

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