How accurate should I expect AF on a 35mm 1.8 to be?

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Re: How accurate should I expect AF on a 35mm 1.8 to be?

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

The 351.8 has launched a thousand threads about how it front focuses/back focuses. It's almost always a new Nikonian's first foray into shallow dof shooting. There is nothing wrong with your lens. I know you're firmly convinced there is, just as every other person who started one of these threads has been, but the odds that it is defective are infinitesimal.

When shooting this lens wide open, you must set your D5200 or any other Nikon to AF On, AFC 9 points menu a3 to off to get consistent focusing, just as the pros do. It takes about a week to get used to the AF On method, but once it becomes automatic you'll never use anything else.


Any other way is a one way ticket to the funny farm. Trust me, this is well-trodden ground you're on. All other fast primes are touchy as well, which is why you need to shoot a frame or two, thumb AF on, then shoot again, thumb and shoot, keeping the selected focus point on the target. That way, you'll be able to sort later in post and pick the one that is most in focus where you wanted it to be. Many thousands of shots are required to get good at this, there are no shortcuts. Once everything is second nature, you'll be doing the one eye in focus thing like there's no tomorrow.

I get the 9 point focus, but why AF on over the half-shutter release?  Thanks for the info thus far

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