micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: That is typical of him.

Lab D wrote:

Jack Hass wrote:

captura wrote:

Did you notice how he has resorted to name calling multiple times in this one thread, and when he asked me to compare (showing the whole graph and not just one cherry picked measurement) the EM1 to the latest Sony APS camera (which I did for him), somehow it was "deception". Now Thom Hogan is an "M43 shill", and anything you say despite being based in fact is "bizarre".

Pretty funny stuff.

Yea totally agree. I own my first Panasonic ILC, just bought three weeks ago, and i used to own Sony actually. Im anything but a fanboy, i jump ship if i find a better direction, it's only money. But for some reason Sony seems to attract the biggest flock of brand loyalists in the industry. Lots of name calling, refusal to look at facts ect. Even if Sony doesn't abandon apsc NEX, what is it going to do, keep releasing bodies with no new lenses? They can use FF lenses, but that kinda defeats the purpose of how small the NEX bodies are. Not only will MFT have a size advantage with lenses over apsc, but the difference between MFT and FF is even bigger.

A NEX7 with a new FF lens VS a GM1 with a pancake.... Some people like me don't insist on super small, and that's fine, i bought a GX7 and will eventually buy a GH4. But for others they want the option, and offering FF lenses to a small mirrorless system isn't the solution. The only people who don't see what's happening with Sony are their customers.

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