DP1 / DP1s auction site mix-up

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Re: DP1 / DP1s auction site mix-up

Tom Schum wrote:

I sell things on ebay now and then. I take pains to practice full disclosure and any other seller on any auction site ought to also.

To me, it seems that the camera was misrepresented and you should intiate a complaint thru the auction site. But it might be nice to first contact the seller if possible and explain the issue. It is remotely possible that the seller did not really know the difference. No seller worth their salt would want a complaint arbitrated by the auction site.

If I saw a listing for a DP1s, and bought it but it turned out to be something different, I wouldn't like it. The down side is of course that you will have to send all the stuff back, which is something maybe you would rather not do. Maybe your best choice is to keep it.

It's completely up to you...

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Tom Schum

Tom, the man with all the ethics................

I would say 'Thank You' to someone that sent me a reply & a long detailed instructions on converting their camera too......wouldn't you ?


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