Show Your Favorite Image Captured With Your 70-400mm G / G2

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William Curtindale
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EvilOne : Show Your Favorite Image Captured With Your 70-400mm G / G2

EvilOne wrote:

I don't have the 70-400 G or G II. The only reason I entered this thread was to see what Bill C was going to chose as his favorites. I've seen dozens of his photos and I could not choose a favorite, and I'm sure he has thousands, I would think choosing the " Best" would be a monumental task. BTW I was about to get the 70-400 GII and was hoping for the weather seals, they promised. UN fortunately I got sick. But I'm living my photography through this forum now.

Thanks for all the great photos.


Hi Bill, I post some of my own favorite images on the opening of this thread.

My hope with this thread is that other people will have fun posting some of their favorites and sharing techniques for best result.  I think this has already been a success (I for one have learned from others on this thread).

Yes, thanks to all for their sharing of beautiful images and settings to achieve their results.  If at anytime in the future you get the 70-400mm G/G2 and can handle it I know you would enjoy it equally to all those posting here.

I am glad you can enjoy photography through this forum (Gear, Technical and socially).  You have a lot to offer.  Yeah, you're the guy who got me into Alpha. LOL


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