Voigtlander 42.5mm f/0.95 versus Panasonic 42.5mm f/1.2

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Voightlander 42.5mm

Can't speak to the Leica 42mm but I do have the Voightlander and I would say that in the F0.95 and 1.2 range, the DOF is very thin and you have to focus very carefully.  It's a very unique lens and I'm not sure it's really directly comparable to the Leica or Olympus's own 45mm.  Each has its own intended use and user.

So I'm going to go out on a limb and say that for this focal length for typical portraits, my users myself included would likely find the F1.8 more forgiving, ie both eyes are in focus, eyes and nose are in focus.

That's not to take anything away from the faster lens, I'm not 100% convinced most people need the DOF thinner than an F1.8.  I'm guessing (?) that's why Olympus doesn't offer anything faster than an F1.8.

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