A7r 24-70 vs Nex-7 16-70 vs EM1 12-40

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Re: A7r 24-70 vs Nex-7 16-70 vs EM1 12-40

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I am interested in knowing more about your unbiased opinions on the SEL 16-70 especially compared to the 12-40 from Olympus which you also own? Are they comparable except for may be the far corners of the image? I also wanted to know what you felt about the handling of the SEL16-70 on the NEX7?

I currently have a NEX5N and was thinking about getting the SEL1670 now and then later upgrading my camera to the A6000 when that becomes available.

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To be honest the 16-70 is an awesome sized well thought out zoom...it will work better on the 16mp sensors with less corner issues I think....I need to try it on the Nex-5N...I think it is WAY more than sufficient for the Nex-5N and perfect for it as well...

but the Nex-7 and the 16-70 are a great match up...it did not get the best light in these shots and can do much better except for sides and corners...it looks as if there is some color shift on the right hand side of the Nex-7 shot and that is the 24mp sensor at work...

For a Nex-5N I don't honestly think you could do any better than the SEL16-70 as far as zooms go...

EM1 and 12-40 are also awesome, but much larger and heavier, just the opposite of what folks that use Nex cameras are looking far...

The EM1 and 12-40 are even large for my liking, but they perform so well together it is a joy to shoot...only if they were a bit smaller package...

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. if it is not too much, is it possible for you to develop from raw applying optimal settings for both camera's, similar landscape images from SEL1670 on N7 and 12-40 from EM1. As you said the 12-40 on the EM1 is probably the better lens but i just would like to have an idea how much better it really is. I was keeping an eye out at the EM1+12-40 as well but unless it is so exceptionally better than the SEL1670 ZA, I want to stay with the NEX itself as I have really grown used to it, got quite a few other lenses and hopefully the A6000 can address any focus hunting that I gradually get with the NEX5N.

Thanks again in advance.

Regards, JM

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