micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: That is typical of him.

captura wrote:

Truly bizarre!

what is bizarre?

I already replied to this...is once not good enough for you? Am I supposed to take Thom Hogan, the newborn M43 shill says something, am I supposed to automatically take his word for it?

Read what I said before.

If you don't want to answer that's fine, but the point still stands. APSC has a direct competitor in MFT. Sony has obvious massive holes in their lenses, as you can see by the above comparison, yet they are ignoring apsc lenses and focusing on FF. That's not something you do if you plan to further your apsc line against a competitor with a current advantage, one that is also ever improving. Look at the new Oly 25mm (50mm equiv), it's amazing wide open, small, fast focusing, and cheap.

Sony has that to compete with, and it does what? It ignores apsc in favor of FF. It seems the writing is on the wall, they are going to abandon apsc because MFT is too good to compete with. FF NEX can still say they have a clear IQ advantage, they do, and that is a marketing decision. I know it's not what apsc NEX owners want to hear but it's the truth. WA is horribad, tele is borribad, lenses like 35 F1.8 are the crown jewel - amazing lens but that's not enough to support a system. Think what you want but don't say i didn't tell you so when there is no new bodies to mount those apsclenses on.

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