micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: Too bad your post is false.

BarnET wrote:

captura wrote:

On the subject he mentioned of the Oly lens the 40-150 and the Sony E 55-210. I have both and the Sony lens, though larger, is vastly superior in performance. And is stabilized.

Olympus always had stabilized bodies so that does not matter much. There are better zooms in µ43 land then the 55-210. just take a look at the pana 45-175 and 45-150mm lens for instance.

You can see that the sony has soft corners while zoomed in.

The Panasonics remain sharp in the corners

Even the Oly 40-150 ($199) is sharper in the corners. The center is only a hair behind the Sony, or the Panasonic for that matter. Where the Panny ($249) has an edge is CA, but it costs a bit more too. The 55-200 is the worst overall, has poor CA, costs the most out of the three ($350), and offers less FL range. Captura must have got the worst copy of the Olympus and the best copy of the Sony to think it is "vastly superior" in any way.

CA is 1.5 or higher for every aperture

CA is .49 or less at every aperture

We should also remember the 55-210 is receiving the benefit of 24mp in this test. If the MFT lenses were tested on that resolution, their numbers would be even higher, regardless of diffraction.

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