24-70 F4 blows away my kit lens

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Re: 24-70 F4 blows away my kit lens

captura wrote:

viking79 wrote:

My first 28-70mm was about the same as the 24-70mm f/4 I am renting, but my second 28-70mm is better on the right side then the 24-70mm f/4, but much worse on the left. I had to send the first back to have my broken camera kit returned. Unfortunately it was a much better sample.

I think Sony should include the 24-70mm as a kit lens with the A7R.

My favorite part about the 24-70mm is the build quality, very nicely made, pretty thick metal alloy, which is still very light.


I hoped, and expected that the 24-70 would perform much better than the kit 28-70.


Me to although there appears to be copy variations on both!


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