Sent 24-70 lens to Nikon for calibrating

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Re: Sent 24-70 lens to Nikon for calibrating

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

GlobalGreg wrote:

Sometimes I would get breath taking pictures that were sharp as a tack and sometimes they'd be a bit soft. I got a LensAlign system to see if I could do some micro adjusting and I found that sometimes it would front focus and sometimes it would backfocus. It didn't seem to do that with my Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens so I'm pretty sure it's the 24-70 lens and not my D7000 body.

It is difficult to comment without sample images but a lens which is sometimes sharp as a tack does not have front or back focus!

It can have both. My 24-70 is on it's way to Nikon to be serviced because it back focuses at 24 and front focuses at 70, in the middle it's sharp...

It might have some other issue for which lens calibration tests in general might be unsuitable. Calibrating with a target which Nikon caution "Autofocus does not perform well" is an added problem - especially if you consider Lens Align is up to Nikon's guidance.

Sample images always help. Without them it is not possible to know if the issue might be target selection at wider angles or something else.

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