micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: Get the Panasonic F/2.8 zooms

neil holmes wrote:

Jack Hass wrote:

and there are no APSC lenses that can match the IQ of MFT glass.

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May Satan forever guide you.

Disagree with this bit.

The Sigma 18-35 1.8 zoom for instance.

M4/3 lenses are very nice (and small) but IQ is a combination of lens and camera.

The Sigma 1.8 zoom scores very nicely on apsc cameras ...as nice as m4/3 lenses on m4/3 cameras.

I would think then if you tested the Sigma on a m4/3 camera it would score higher still (if testing the lens like SLRgear) and of course if testing the lens/ sensor combination (like DXO), M4/3 does not score as high.

Between the Em1 and Fuji, it would come down to which I liked the best.

I am very happy with my GX7 (and A7) though.

This was another ridiculous generalization. "and there are no APSC lenses that can match the IQ of MFT glass." There are numerous APS-C lenses, from Fuji, Canon, Nikon etc. that can match and surpass M43 glass. The Sony E 50/1.8, just for one example, has a higher DxO score.

There are so many good cameras to choose from and most of us share that enthusiasm. Which one is "best" is truly irrelevant because of differing needs. But a minority of posters seems to have an alterior motive. Perhaps they are being paid to unfairly represent one marque and to destroy the reputation of other brands, and in some cases, of other members.

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