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I respectfully disagree

mmmmmmmm wrote:

We now have more than enough pixels! Fortunately for the camera manufactures they know that all they have to do is come out with a "new" camera with more pixels and all the "newbies" will buy it thinking that their photography will improve.

I have printed 20X30 prints with a 6mp sensor that looks great. The pixel peepers will get out their magnifying glasses and get about 4" from a print and say, "Gee, this print could be sharper!"

Why do you think that Nikon and Canon uses 24 or less pixels for their "professional" grade cameras? Think about it!

This forum is more of a "gear" forum than a "photography" forum. More emphasis is placed on the gear than the pictures it produces.


David Miller

I admit being a design engineer most of my career and I can be called a "gear" person. That does not stop me from being a photo person despite my limited artistic ability. So being both a gear and photo person I will welcome more pixels (than my D800) along without losing dynamic range.

I really enjoy photo post production moving an average appearing photograph into a pleasing (to me and others) composition and print. This is especially pleasing knowing the sharpness of the image is beyond most presentation methods I use except for very large prints.

Additionally, I am close to purchasing the new Zeiss Otus (when it becomes readily available) for the pure enjoyment of viewing the images I will take with it. Even though it is beyond my practical budget. I know if I decide to sell it I will not lose much money because of the demand for it. I am at the age where I cannot depend upon how much longer I can enjoy my tools and image making.

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