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Re: You and me both

For example ... did my high school math teacher lie to me when he taught that there was no such thing as the square root of a negative number? And then in "Intro to EE", hearing that imaginary number i (square root of -1) was an essential concept? My mind was definitely boggled.

The "math" that through me the most was the concept that 1 to 10 were the first (10) numbers.  This was combined with the concept that the "decimal" system was indeed based on "10" numbers, (which I assumed was 1 to 10 cause THAT was what I had ALWAYS been taught and counted a million times.)

And then with my introduction to the binary system that was base "2" .... I could NOT grab the concept that 0 and 1 were those two numbers until the realized that the decimal system was ACTUALLY 0 to 9.

I went to my child's school and DEMANDED that they place a panel w/ "0" on the wall before their posted 1 to 10 panels.

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