Why is the 42.5 F/1.2 $1600 when the Fuji 56mm F/1.2 is only $1000?

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Nothing to do with "value"

Sounds like you have made up  your mind.

Even at $1,000 with the coveted Leica blessing this lens would probably not be a great seller and  low volume needs higher prices which in turn means lower sales, so any manufacturer must sit their product on the balance of price/volume. Furthermore we hear almost daily that camera companies are vying for making the biggest loss in the digital camera business.  Traditionally replaceable lenses cameras sell cameras to lock buyers into their mount systems then pick up the margin on lenses.  Furthermore cheap lenses are not respected no matter how useful they may be.  Expensive lenses were once treasured and became family heirlooms.

I am not saying sso much that the Nocticron is not worth the money but more that Fuji is still willing to discount product to lock in more new customers to their lens mount system.

The M4/3 system has always been regarded as more at the "lightweight" (as opposed to "light weight") end to me although my regard was undoubtably incorrect.  This was in great danger of becoming true, especially with the trending to larger sensor sizes by other manufacturers.  In more recent times some very high quality serious-use cameras have been appearing in the M4/3 format, but they need to be complemented with high quality serious lenses - this seems to be happening.

Look forward to more "unaffordable" native M4/3 lenses as this is the only way that the mount system can get and keep respect as a serious imaging system.

We (nearly) all reach our price barriers for camera equipment and it is both good and wise to look around for more economical alternatives.  But a system is a system and that by buying that first expensive lens you have been hooked by that manufacturer for some repeat business.  I suggest that Fuji is more anxious for the moment at least, I presume that the longer term economics of manufacture will mean that this will not last forever.  "Go for it" I say.

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