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Re: New Quattro hands on video

Gesture wrote:

Why are folks so critical/cynical. This is the best view we've had so far. I've seen some of his other films-they are fine.

In many internet forums, including this one, some people instead of attacking someone's mistakes or point of argument, decide it's best to attack the person directly. That doesn't make their case any stronger but I guess it must somehow feels better.

Now, in particular to branded forums, this attitude is often used by some people whenever they feel there is any remote attack on their favorite brand or favorite product..

For example- the guy in the video made the mistake of what the resolution really is (19.6MP), others may disagree with what he accurately said was interpolated for 39 or so MP, (though he may have missed on exactly the circumstances under which), and as a positive, he said that while he is not a fan of the physical design of the camera - should be hardly surprising to hear, many people are not so it's not like it's only him- he actually said he needs to wait until he sees the final image quality/output to pass judgement on the camera because to him final image quality is more important that some inconvenience in what he thinks the ergonomics have.

For someone who wants to try to be objective you may think the last sentence sounds like a fair statement. But that has to be ignored if you want to attack anything negative that may have been said- real or perceived, about the product if you blindly must think it has to be perfect.

The design begs a swivel lens. Using all that real estate-make something useful of it.

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