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Re: Different eyeballs - different result

Jerry-astro wrote:

Dale, I did test this myself a while back and got the opposite result, with the pulled ISOs being ever so subtly less noisy than their native counterparts. However, as you stated, the differences are so subtle that they are all but inconsequential and (obviously based on our different results) very open to interpretation. I'm typically used the "pulled" multiples these days based on the limited testing I did, but I don't see it as a game changer in any real way. BTW, all the test images I took were with the lens cap off. :-). Figured that this was slightly more typical of what I shoot in the real world -- at least intentionally.

Yeah... That was a good one. " At least intentionally. "   Same goes for me..

And I agree... they were very close indeed -- and which is actually best may depend on how strong the light is, as well as vary a bit from camera to camera.

My test was in bright summer sunshine, and looking in the mid-tones in the shade of a patio on the house across the street.  For me, 100 had a little less noise than 160.  But I can certainly believe that you could get opposite results.

As I say, I am pretty sure it would depend on the intensity of the light, since the obliterating term is due to light induced shot noise.  More light would thus mean more shot noise.  But also, the electronics from one camera to another would certainly vary within some small range also -- and probably enough to change the outcome.

Anyway, good for you for testing.  Now we are both comfortable we are getting the best settings for our respective cameras...

Good to see you again, Jerry!  I always appreciate what you have to say.

You're also quite correct that the "native" ISOs are most certainly 100/200/400/etc. and I have never seen Canon refer to the 160/320 multiples using that terminology.

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kind regards

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