70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Re: 70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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How does the sharpness in areas of detail compare between DPP with noise reduction off and ACR LNR set to 20?

Not significantly different to my eyes - but that would be a better comparison for a photo done with a sharper lens probably (this was taken with the 28/1.8 @ f/2, which can get a good amount of detail, but is not an earth shatteringly sharp lens by any stretch of the imagination)

What I wonder is, if Canon's chroma reduction does more smearing than ACR's and that's whats to blame - since with CNR @ zero both of these photos would be very color speckled, CNR is turned on in both to the point where I don't see color splotching going on too badly anymore. I wonder if ACR is just better at taking care of color noise without doing luminance destruction also? Or, as I said I just am doing something wrong because I'm not really well versed in DPP. Anyway, these are hardly scientific tests, just what I've noticed when trying to use DPP because of seeing people say it handles canons sensors better vis a vis noise.

With the EF 28 f/1.8 you definitely want to try using Canon's Digital Lens Optimizer in DPP (under the lens tab). That lens isn't particularly well behaved and DLO does some amazing things. Start with trying the default 50 setting.

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