micro 4/3 or APC compact systems WHICH ONE ?

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Re: Too bad your post is false.

BarnET wrote:

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BarnET wrote:

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Steve wrote:

Most of my shots are around 24-75 (full frame).. although my 18-200 had quite a bit of use at 150-300.. but i'm willing to go narrower range with better quality...

Panasonic makes a 24-70mm (full frame) zoom that is very sharp wide open. It is smaller than the Olympus and much smaller than any APS F/2.8 zoom. They make a 70-200mm (FullFrame) F/2.8 zoom that is tiny compared to other zooms too. IF you go with primes then the 5 axis IBIS will give the E-M1 a large advantage.

Then look at the size of Olympus 40-150mm (90-300mm) lens and compare it to any APS 300mm lens. You will quickly see the size advantage. Remember that diameter is 2 out of the 3 dimensions and APS with its larger image circle will always have a much larger image circle. As for that 3rd dimension, the M43 crop factor means M43 lenses will usually be shorter too.

As for Dynamic Range look at how the E-M1 has more than other APS cameras even after adjusting images to the same resolution. I don't think there is a big enough difference to matter, but clearly the smaller sensor has no disadvantage.

Your Comparing an Canon which are known to be poor in dynamic range and an 3year old 16mp sony

I was comparing the latest cameras that use PDAF to auto-focus.

which has been great for many years but has been superceded.

By WHAT? Funny how you didn't mention anything. The reason why is because it wouldn't matter. Even the latest Sony APS camera rates the same as the NEX 6 and again the E-M1 ends up on top for DR. But you my point went way over your head. They are very close and none have a real advantage so the OP can look to size and ignore sensor performance.

Then you picked the best most expensive m43 body.

No, read the OP. "i like the OMD em1". I didn't pick it and you know it.

Here take a look between the best Apsc sensor's tested and the EM-1.

differences are there. It's a shame Dxo has not tested the X-trans yet.

Here you go.  All very close, but the D7100 is slightly better.  Again, not enough to notice a real word difference, which was my point.  The E-M1 will have smaller lenses and the IBIS that the D7100 lacks (the K-3 has it though which so many love).

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