Getting my footing with wide angle portraits

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Re: Getting my footing with wide angle portraits

Shutter Crazy wrote:

Looked at them at 100%. Don't know what 24mp has to do with ability to focus or avoid motion blur.
At 1/30, hand held, it's what it most likely is. Shooting with low ambient light at ISO 160 is an invitation to this problem.
As far as losing some sharpness when you post, when you export JPG for web, apply good amount of sharpening in the process to combat this issue. But that's not the main problem here

24 MP has a lot to do with it because any flaw is magnified when zoomed to 100%. I agree there is some motion in the 100% crops, but having printed them at 4x6 it isn't a problem, and I doubt if it would be at 8x10. Also there is a huge difference in quality in the previews that are brought out in the post and "original image" when viewed at full screen, not 100%. As someone posted in another post about larger sensor cameras-"Don´t view every image in 100%, you´ll go insane".  Do a search, the forums are full of such comments.

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