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Re: what noise ?

TTMartin wrote:

AmbleYonder wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

AmbleYonder wrote:

i suggest you write to canon and tell then that as they refer to 160,320.... as native

the 7d is their baby so i am not arguing with them

100,200... are the base ISOs

Please post the link to an official Canon source that says those are the native ISOs. i.e. different than ISO 125, 250, etc.

please Google it yourself

No amount of Googleing can find something that doesn't exist.

the official article was linked to in another forum over three years ago to settle the same dispute. and no the terminology is not precise. but nerveless that was the term used by canon.i have no idea what 125,250...are referred to except noisy

You might find a link where Canon refers to all ISO except Expanded ISOs as native ISOs. i.e. ISO 100 to 6400 for the 7D.

You may find something from Canon that refers to ISO 100, 200, etc as base ISOs.

But, you will not find something from Canon that says that ISO 160, 320, 640 etc. are any different that ISO 125, 250, 500, etc

It simply does not exist.

LOL you believe what you want i personally do not care, i read the canon article from an official source so your wrong ,i i am not wasting my time tracking it down for you just to prove a trivial point so tough.

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