FZ200 - Birds in flight in Low light

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Re: FZ200 - Birds in flight in Low light

FZ200 - Birds in flight in Low light

I am planning to get this, mainly do Birds in flight around sunset and right after that.

1) would 2.8 and AF enough to shoot images of Birds in flight few mins before and after sunset

or use a tele converter and get even closer to them to help the FL

2) what f2.8 here equivalent to APSC's aperture like 8.0?

3) coming from Caon T3i and Nex where I have only 300mm the max

and dont have enough FL to reach the Birds, so think this is a another

choice and I read everywhere FZ has the best AF in super zooms amoong Nikon P510,


suggestions are really appreciated

I am not sure to understand your 2) question but f/ equivalences reffer to deep of field equivalence .. amount of light is the same f/2.8 in any sensor size.
The difference is at 600mm eq FZ200 you are at 108mm so your DOF is that of 108mm lens in a FF.
You can use any DOF calculator the same as the hyperfocal calculator.
Your canon @300 mm is more than 450mm equivalet. And yes to equal FZ200 full tele with a DSLR is really expensive...
In general terms at ISO400 with FZ200 you are better than with a crop DSLR @300 mm f/5.6 ISO800. This is using a lens that almost cost as much as the FZ200 itself..

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