70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Re: 70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Just another Canon shooter wrote:

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Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Canon's DPP just cuts the deep shadows and the brightest highlights. The illusion of not so much noise comes from the fact that the evidence has been hidden (not in the RAW though - after the conversion).

I think it's safe to say that Canon has optimized DPP to work within the limitations of their sensors. Adobe has not done that with ACR so the warts are there for all to see.

Yes, I think so, too. BTW, DPP does different tricks with different sensors. When the 5D3 was released, DPP applied very different NR compared to the 5D2, even with the same NR settings.

I'm always convinced DPP is just full of it when you set luminance NR to zero - if Im looking at the same area of the photo @ 100% in DPP vs ACR , both set to Luminance 0 , the DPP one clearly has less luminance noise, but it's also just as clearly doing some Luminance NR on that 0 setting, because I see the splotchy mush that looks like Luminance NR has been applied.

Edit: It's also just as likely to be my ignorance of how to use that software since it annoys me too much to learn it, but I would think 0 means 0 (and yes, I hit apply )

I don't doubt for one minute that Canon optimizes DPP for their different cameras. I also believe it is doing NR even at zero settings but I've read where others feel LR and PS do the same but I've not looked into it that closely.


I know that with LNR set to zero in ACR, I see tons and tons of what I expect - tight dots that look like luminance noise. With DPP set to zero, I see blotchyness that looks like LNR has been performed

Comparison with both products set to zero, sharpening off

Comparison with DPP LNR set to zero, ACR LNR set to 20, detail to 100. Obviously not exactly the same since it's different algorithms, but the ACR shot starts to take on the same kind of character, which says to me that the reason DPP shows "less noise" in conversions is because it's impossible to set it to not do LNR, not because it knows more about the RAW file and can do some kind of sensor based magic.

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