For GX7 users -- what do you like/not like

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Re: For GX7 users -- what do you like/not like

macondo wrote:

Jack Hass wrote:

Only a few minor things i don't like. First off, when i use the AF option of pinpoint AF, it auto zooms in no matter what. This is useful most of the time, but i still want the option to turn the zoom off and just use the crosshair to aim.

This annoys me too. There is apparently no way to turn this off, but I found what seems to be a work-around for general photography. Obviously the pinpoint mode will be better suited to some types of subject/focal length combinations.

If I understand correctly (my english isn't best), you can resolve that by changing "MF Assist" setting in "C" menu, 3/8 from 2nd (Focus  ring/lever) to 3rd (AF mode button). After that, zoom only appear after press "AF Mode" button. Or you can completely turn zoom off.

Go to AF mode via the Q-menu or the left dial button on the back, if you haven't reassigned it, and select 1-Area. Now, there are two issues to resolve.

1. The position of the 1-Area focus square.

2. The size of the focus area.

Me, I want one small square focus area in the very centre of the grid. I'm not interested in anything else most of the time. I found this method of getting what I wanted:

1. If you find the focus area is off-centre, you can move it to the centre, or to any position you desire, by making sure Direct Focus Area is ON in Menu 3/8. Use the cursor buttons to position it.

2. To change the size of the focus area go to Menu 8/8 Touch Settings. Turn ON Touch AF, selecting AF only. If you now touch the AF area shown on the LCD it will turn yellow and you'll see that you can adjust its size with the rear thumbwheel. I adjust it to its smallest size, which seems 'pinpoint' enough for me, and then use the cursor buttons to make any fine adjustment to its position if it's been moved when touching it.

3. Turn OFF the Direct Focus Area in Menu 3/8 to make sure accidental pressing of the cursor buttons doesn't move it, and Turn OFF the Touch AF in Menu 8/8.

I now have a very small fixed focus area in the exact centre of the LCD and no magnification. I can switch between the two modes quite quickly if needed.

If anybody knows of a faster/easier way of changing the size of the focus area I'd love to know.

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